Grower Pesticide Safety Course

To achieve certification, you must complete the requirements of the Grower Pesticide Safety Course. You will learn how to keep yourself, your family and the environment safe when you handle and use pesticides. The course does not include crop protection recommendations.

Are you certifying for the first time?

Farmers who are certifying for the first time must participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course -- a one day face-to-face course or an online course -- and pass the open-book certification test with a mark of 75% or more.

Are you renewing your certification?

To renew your certification, you have three options. The certification fee is the $105 for any option.  You may:

  1. participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course and pass the test at the course  OR
  2. study on your own and pass the test at a test session OR
  3. participate in a Refresh & Rewrite session - includes the test (this option is not available in every area).  Learn what's new and refresh your knowledge before you write the test.  

If you fail the test at a Test Session or Refresh & Rewrite Session, you must then participate in a full day course and rewrite the test. 

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Get Ready for Certification

Before you participate in a course or write the test, read our course manual and view our collection of videos on our YouTube Channel, Ontario Pesticide Ed. You may pick up your manual at a location near you (no charge).  If there is no location close to you, please ask us to mail you a manual when you sign up for your course.  

  • Look at the Table of Contents. This will help you to follow along in the course or to find information during the open-book exam.
  • Find the glossary at the back of the book. Refer to the glossary if you are unsure about the meaning of a technical word that is new to you.
  • Complete the Practice Your Understanding questions at the end of each chapter:  the answers are at the back of the book.
  • Are you confident that you can calculate how much to use?  Read the chapter "Applying the Right Amount of Pesticide".
  • Pesticide labels give you the directions specific to each product.  Read the chapter "The Pesticide Label" to learn about the information on a pesticide label. 
  • Complete the on-line tutorial, "Use Pesticides Safely"  This will help you understand the label and the calculations for Applying the Right Amount of Pesticide.  

If you have any special needs, please call us at 1-800-652-8573.  We're here to help!

About the Test

It's open-book.  You may refer to the manual when you write the test.  You need a grade of 75% to pass. The test is made up of short answer and multiple choice questions. There is some math to do - bring your calculator!  If you are participating in a course, you will write the test in two parts: one part before lunch and one part at the end of the course.  If you are renewing by studying on your own and writing the test, you have two hours to complete the test.  You can rewrite the test again at no charge within one year, if you don't pass the first time.

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Interested in Online?  

The Grower Pesticide Safety Course is offered online over 5 days, Monday to Friday.   You need to participate each day for about 2 hours to discuss pesticide topics with your classmates and complete each day’s learning activities.  You are evaluated on each day’s learning activities and your participation in discussions with your classmates and the instructor.  You must submit each day’s learning activities by 11 pm of that day.  The activities contribute to your overall certification grade for a possible total grade of 100%.  You need a grade of 75% or greater to successfully complete the course for certification. The more you learn before you begin the course, the easier it will be for you to participate and complete the learning activities. Before the course starts:

  • Read the manual chapters.
  • Practice your understanding by completing the Practice Your Understanding questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Watch the videos.

Computer Skills and Equipment. You are expected be competent in the use of the internet and know how to use e-mail as you will be navigating and searching the internet, corresponding with other students in your class and using web-based conferencing.  The course works best when you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer or Safari are not compatible.  You need a high speed connection to enroll in this course.  For our class conference on Monday at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, you will need your computer and phone. 

This video demonstrates the online course format.

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