Course Offerings

Online courses are available. Search in the table below with location as "online".  

In-person is available. Search in the table below with location as the county you live in.  Please phone us at 1-800-652-8573 if you have any questions.

Most in-person sessions are Refresh & Rewrite, meaning that we ask you to study on your own and come prepared for a short review before writing the test.  Everyone is welcome, even a person certifying for the first time.  We are doing this to limit contact with others. These are half a day. Please see the listings below or phone us at 1-800-652-8573. 

In-Person Safety Measures
For in-person certification opportunities, the Ontario Pesticide Education Program is following the safety protocols of each facility.  Please contact us if you have any concerns about following the facility safety measures and we will explore alternative options with you.

Our in-person courses and test writing sessions have the following safety measures:
1) a maximum 10 people per room
2) physical distancing of 2 m (6 ft)
3) bring your own food/refreshments and consume these outside
4) face masks worn while in building
5) hand sanitizer available
6) sanitized surfaces
7) NOTE: some facilities we are booking may require visitors to show vaccination status to enter the facility

Dates and Times
Use the table below to find a course:
1) choose the Course Type (farmer, on-farm instructor, or pesticide vendor) from the drop down box
2) choose your Location by county/region or choose "online"
3) Update Display
If your county/region is not listed, there are currently no offerings for your area. Select a neighbouring county/region.

Legend of Options:
Course: An instructor teaches a course that includes an open-book test. 
Exam: An open-book test -- no instruction. 
Course - Separate Exam: If the date-town in the list below states "course" "separate exam", this means that we are offering two options on that date:  1) a course that includes the test, or 2) a test only writing time, no instruction.  When registering, please indicate your choice.  
Refresh and Rewrite: A one hour refresh of information with the instructor before writing the open-book test.
Online: A course offered through website access with a login and password. Please see our demonstration video of the online course.

Sorry, there are no course scheduled at this time for Carleton.
Courses can only be listed under one county. Please check neighbouring counties for additional listings.
Dates are being confirmed and may not yet be posted. Please call OPEP at 1-800-652-8573 for information.