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Legend of Options:
Course: An instructor teaches a course that includes an open-book test. This option is available to everyone -- those who are certifying for the first time or those who are renewing their certification.
Exam: An open-book test -- no instruction. This option is only available to a person renewing his or her certification.
Course - Separate Exam: If the date-town in the list below states "course" "separate exam", this means that we are offering two options on that date:  1) a course that includes the test, or 2) a test only writing time, no instruction.  When registering, please indicate your choice.  Note - the test option is not an option for first time certification. 
Refresh and Rewrite: A one to two hour refresh of information with the instructor before writing the open-book test - an option for a person renewing certification.
Online: A course offered through website access with a login and password. Please see our demonstration video of the online course.

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