Training For Farmer Assistants

Do Farmer Assistants use Class 2 or 3 pesticides on your farm?

Farmer Assistant are workers who apply Class 2 or 3 pesticides under the supervision of a Certified Farmer.

Farmer Assistants must be trained if they use Class 2 or 3 pesticides!  Check if your pesticides are Class 2 or 3.

Farmer Assistants may trained in one of two ways.  They may:

  1. participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course (no test required) OR 
  2. particiate in training provided by an On-Farm Instructor.

A Certified Farmer may qualify to train Farmer Assistants if she completes the On-Farm Instructor Course.  On-Farm Instructors are provided with resources so that they are qualified to teach their own assistants (or other farmers' assistants) how to handle and use pesticide safely.

Restrictions of Duties

Farmer Assistants can mix and apply pesticides under supervision.  Even though trained, a Farmer Assistant may not:

  • buy Class 2 or 3 pesticides
  • decide which pesticides to use
  • decide on the pesticide rate
  • decide how to store the pesticides
  • calibrate equipment
  • decide how to dispose of the empty containers
  • transport pesticides that have become waste
  • decide how to dispose of waste pesticides, or
  • use a Class 2 or 3 pesticide that produces a suspension in air in buildings (for example fog or mist)

Certified Farmers are responsible for pesticide handling on your farm. This includes the handling and use of Class 2 or 3 pesticides by Farmer Assistants. You may supervise up to 3 Farmer Assistants on your farm at any given time.

New for 2017 - Pesticide Safety for Farm Workers

This manual has safety information for farm workers who don't handle or use pesticides, but work on farms that use pesticides.  Workers can learn how to work safely on farms when Certified Farmers or Farmer Assistants are using pesticides.