Farmer Certification

To become a Certified Farmer, you must:
  • participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course and pass the open-book test with a mark of 75% or more, AND
  • be at least 16 years of age, AND
  • be a "farmer" involved in an "agricultural operation", as defined under Regulation 63/09 of the Ontario Pesticides Act. (Ontario Ministry of the Environment)

Farm employees and farm family members are eligible for the certification. The certification fee is $105 per person.

Note: Anyone is welcome to take the course, but if you do not meet the definition of a farmer you cannot use a certificate to purchase or use Class 2 or 3 pesticides. You may own, rent, lease, share crop or be employed on a farm.

Who Does NOT Qualify for the Grower Pesticide Safety Course Certificate?

You do not qualify for this certificate if the crops or animals you produce are primarily for your own use or consumption - or - if the production is primarily for the purposes of a pastime or recreation.

If you plan to apply pesticides commercially, as a business, you need an Exterminator Licence.  Call 1-888-620-9999 for information about certification requirements necessary to obtain an exterminator license.

If you want to sell pesticides (there are some pesticides that you may sell without a licence), you need a Pesticide Vendors Licence. For more information, call 1-866-683-6737 or 519-674-1500 ext. 63584.

If you are unsure how Ontario's pesticide regulation applies to your situation, please contact the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regional Office nearest you and ask to speak with a Pesticides Specialist.  The Specialist will tell you which certificate or licence you require.


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