Sign Up for a Grower Pesticide Safety Course

Visit Course and Exam Dates to find out when and where our courses are being held and choose a course, exam-only session or a Refresh and Rewrite.  To sign up:

You must participate at a course if you are:

  • certifying for the first time, or

  • training as a Farmer Assistant.

If you are renewing your certification, you may:

  • participate in a course or 

  • study on your own and write the exam at an exam session, or

  • participate in a Refresh and Rewrite (limited availability).

NOTE: If you do not pass at an exam-only session or Refresh and Rewrite, you must then attend a one day course and rewrite the examination.

Please pick up and read a manual before attending a course or an exam-only session.  Please remember to bring your manual and a calculator on the day of the course or exam session.

We collect the certification fee of $105.00 at the course or exam session.  Bring cash or a cheque.  Cheques are payable to University of Guelph.  If you would like to pay by credit card, please phone our office with your credit card information - 1-800-652-8573.