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All videos are available in DVD format.

Videos can also be viewed on our website or on our YouTube Channel "OntarioPesticideEd".


  • Transportation of Pesticides by Farmers in Ontario, ©2006 - Price $15.00

  • Integrated Pest Management, ©2004 - Price $15.00

  • Protective Clothing and Equipment for Pesticide Use, ©2000 - Price $15.00

  • First Aid for Pesticides, ©2000 - Price $15.00

  • Pesticides and the Environment, ©2016 - Price $15.00

  • Pesticide Safety in the Greenhouse, ©1988, Revised 2000 - Price $15.00

  • How to Manage Spray Drift, ©1996 - Price $15.00

  • Reduction Through Air Induction, ©2001 - Price $15.00

  • Field Sprayer Calibration, ©2006 - Price $15.00

  • 2007 Collection ( All 9 Videos) - Price $75.00


Manuals for Private Applicators and Vendors

  • Note: All our manuals are free to download at this link.  ALSO, all our manuals are complementary within the cost of our course fees.
  • Grower Pesticide Safety Course Manual - Price $25.00
    • Learn the basic safety information you need to use pesticides safely on your farm in Ontario. This manual tells you what to wear to prevent exposure, how to store and dispose of pesticides, and what to do in the case of an emergency. This book should be mandatory reading for your farm employees and family members. For the safety of you and your family, keep this manual close by in your farm library. This manual has the information you need to know to be certified to use the more hazardous pesticides on your farm. For certification information call us.

  • Pesticide Vendor Certification Course Manual - Price $25.00
    • Are you a pesticide vendor selling Class 1 to 7 pesticides in Ontario? This comprehensive manual clearly presents the regulations you must follow under the Pesticides Act and Regulation 63/09. Used in the Pesticide Vendor Certification Course, it covers information on how to sell, store and handle pesticides at your place of business. This is a reference manual that you will use over and over again.

Need Extra Help with Math or Finding Information on a Pesticide Label?

  • Pre-Course Workbook and Video for the Grower Pesticide Safety Course Manual - Price $15.00
    • If you need extra help to learn the math calculations and how to read the information on a pesticide label, complete the exercises in the Pre-course Workbook as you watch the video. The worksheets will help you prepare for the examination at the end of the Grower Pesticide Safety Course.