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   Preface Preface  
Product Information
Ch 1 - How Pesticides Are Regulated

Presentation of Chapter 1

Link to pdf of How Pesticides are Regulated chapter

Part 1 of Chapter 1

Part 2 of Chapter 2

Watch videos about How Pesticides are regulated
Ch 2 - Integrated Pest Management

Presentation of Chapter 2

Link to pdf of Integrated Pest Management chapter Chapter 2 watch videos about integrated pest management
Ch 3 - The Pesticide Label
Read the example Matador Label or Listen to the example Matador Label.  This label is used for the practice quiz in Chapter 3.
Link to pdf of The Pesticide Label chapter


watch videos about the pesticide label
Use Pesticides Safely - Know the Label - Interactive Tutorial
Ch 4 - The Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Link to pdf of the Material Safety Data Sheet Chapter Chapter 4  
Ch 5 - Pesticide Formulations
Link to pdf of Pesticide Formulations chapter Chapter 5  
Ch 6 - Managing Pesticide Resistance
Link to pdf of Managing Pest Resistance Chapter Chapter 6 watch videos about managing pesticide resistance
Health and Environmental Risk Management
Ch 7 - Pesticides and the Environment
Link to pdf of Pesticides and the Environment chapter Chapter 7 watch videos about pesticides and the environment
Ch 8 - Health Risks of Pesticide Use
Link to pdf of Health Risks of Pesticide Use chapter

 Chapter 8

Ch 9 - Pesticide Poisonings
Link to pdf of Pesticide Poisonings Chapter Chapter 9  
Ch 10 - First Aid
link to pdf of First Aid Chapter Chapter 10 watch videos about first aid
Pesticide Safety Practices
Ch 11 - Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment
Link to pdf of Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment chapter
watch videos about protective clothing and personal protective equipment
Ch 12 - Application Procedures for Fumigants and Suspensions in Air
  Link to pdf of Application Procedures for Fumigants and Suspensions in Air chapter  
Ch 13 - Transportation of Pesticides
Link to pdf of Transportation of Pesticides chapter watch videos about transportation of pesticides
Ch 14 - How to Store Pesticides Safely
Presentation of Chapter 14 Link to pdf of How to store pesticides safely chapter Chapter 14 watch videos about how to store pesticides safely
Ch 15 - How to Dispose of Pesticides and Pesticide Containers Safely
Presentations of Chapter 15 link to pdf of how to dispose of pesticides and pesticide containers safely chapter

Chapter 15

 watch videos about how to dispose of pesticides and pesticide containers safely
Ch 16 - Pesticide Spills
Presentation of Chapter 16 link to pdf of pesticide spills chapter

Chapter 16

Ch 17 - Pesticide Fires
Presentation of Chapter 17 link to pdf of pesticide fires chapter

Chapter 17

Pesticide Application
Ch 18 - Drift of Pesticides

Surface Inversions

Presentation of Chapter 18 link to pdf of drift of pesticides chapter

Part 1 of Chapter 18

 watch videos about drift of pesticides
Ch 19 - Calibration of Application Equipment
Presentation of Chapter 19 link to pdf of calibration of application equipment chapter

Part 1 of Chapter 19

 watch videos about calibration of application equipment
Ch 20 - Applying the Right Amount of Pesticide
  link to pdf of applying the right amount of pesticide chapter

Part 1 of Chapter 20

Use Pesticides Safely - Know the Math - Interactive Tutorial 
Ch 21 - Keeping Pesticide Records
Presentation of Chapter 21 link to pdf of Keeping pesticide records chapter  
Ch 22 - Pesticides and Food
Presentation of Chapter 22 link to pdf of pesticides and food chapter

 Part 1 of Chapter 22

Ch 23 - Be a Professional
Presentation of Chapter 23 link to pdf of be a professional chapter  Chapter 23