Get Ready for Certification

 Before you participate in a course or write the test, read our course manual.  We have resources on our website to help you learn. 

Activities to help you learn:

  • Look at the Table of Contents. This will help you to follow along in class and to find information during the open-book exam.
  • Find the glossary at the back of the book. Refer to the glossary if you are unsure about the meaning of a technical word that is new to you.
  • Do the questions at the end of each chapter to practice your understanding (the answers are at the back of the book).
  • Are you confident that you can calculate how much to use?  Read the chapter "Applying the Right Amount of Pesticide".
  • Pesticide labels give you the directions specific to each product.  Read the chapter "The Pesticide Label" to learn about the information on a pesticide label.

Do the on-line tutorial, "Use Pesticides Safely"  This will give you extra practice for the label and math sections.