Certificate Verification

The Ontario Pesticide Education Program supports Ontario farmers and pesticide vendors to achieve pesticide safety certification and training.

Online courses are available. In-person courses are also available and more locations and dates will be added.  Please phone us at 1-800-652-8573 to let us know your needs. 

Certification Extension for Certain Certificate Holders:  The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks is extending the validity of Grower Pesticide Safety Course Certificates for those holders who continue to be unable to renew their certificates during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The certificates extended by the Ministry last year up to December 31, 2020 and which expired on January 1, 2021, are also extended. This letter contains important information regarding the extension of the validity of certain certificates and may apply to you.

    Certification fees on credit with us:  If you would like to request a refund for a course you signed up for and was cancelled, please email rcopep@uoguelph.ca -- include your name, the town and the date of the course you signed up for.  We are also able to apply your payment to a future course. 

    Certified Farmers

    Farmers must be certifed to buy and use Class B or C pesticides on their farms or woodlots, or on the farm where they work.  To become certified, a farmer must complete the Grower Pesticide Safety Course.  We offer online and in-person courses

    Before January 1, 2021, there were some agricultural pesticides that farmers were allowed to buy and use without certification, called Class 4.  As of January 1, 2021, farmers need to be certificd to buy and use these pesticides.  

    On-Farm Instructors

    In Ontario, farmers who mix, load or apply Class B or C pesticides under supervision of a Certified Farmer must be trained.  Supervised farmers are called Farmer Assistants.  There are two ways for Farmer Assistants to participate in training. They can:

    1. participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course or
    2. participate in a Pesticide Safety for Farmer Assistants training session presented by an On-Farm Instructor.

    Pesticide Vendors

    Pesticide vendors need to be certified under the Pesticide Vendor Certification Course before applying for a General Vendor pesticide licence. In Ontario, pesticide vendors need a licence to sell or transfer pesticides. There are three types of pesticide vendor licences: General Vendor, Limited Vendor, and Treated Seed Vendor. Each separate business location needs its own vendor licence.

    Other Pesticide Certifications

    Ontario Pesticide Training & Certification is available for anyone wanting to become a Licenced Exterminator or Technician.  You need to be a licensed exterminator to apply pesticides for a pesticide application business. Call 1-888-620-9999.

    IPM Course for Corn and Soybeans is available for anyone wanting to become certified to buy and use Class E (12) pesticides. Class E (12) pesticides are corn and soybean seeds treated with imidacloprid, clothianidin, or thiamethoxam. Call 1-866-225-9020

    If you are unsure how Ontario's pesticide regulation applies to your situation, please contact the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Regional Office nearest you and ask to speak with a Pesticides Specialist. The Specialist will tell you which certificate or licence you require.


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