This is the place that you will find information to support your certification and training, and your best practices in pesticide use.  Please contact us for any copies.  You may Pick Up a GPSC Manual at a location near you.


Grower Pesticide Safety Course Manual, 384 pages, French or English
On-Farm Instructor Guide, 114 pages, English, French available in December
Pesticide Safety for Farmer Assistants Workbook, 96 pages, Spanish, Low German, Thai, French and English
Pesticide Safety for Farm Workers, 88 pages, English, Spanish 
Pesticide Vendor Certification Course Manual, 424 pages, French or English

Presentations and Videos

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Podcasts of Chapters

Grower Pesticide Safety Course Manual 
Pesticide Vendor Certification Course Manual



The following items are available. Please contact us for copies.

On-Farm Instructors 

Certified Farmers

Pesticide Vendors