Online courses are available.

In-person tests are available.  These are called Refresh & Rewrite.  Please phone us at 1-800-652-8573. 

We offer the following courses. 

Grower Pesticide Safety Course is offered in three formats: 1) an in-person all day course (limited availability during the pandemic), 2) an online course, or 3) in-person testing sessions called Refresh & Rewrite. The certification fee is $105 (no HST). Before attending, please pick up a course manual at a location near you.

On-Farm Instructor Course is offered as a half a day in-person course or an online course. The fee is $65 (no HST).  The course manuals are sent to you a week before the course starts.

Pesticide Vendor Certification Course is offered in four formats:  1) as a two day in-person course, 2) an online course, 3) a one day in-person refresher course or 4) an in-person test session.  The certifcation fee is $200 (no HST). The course manuals are sent to you 3 weeks before the course starts.

We offer courses all year with most courses offered between December and April.  Please contact us if you need a course in your area and don't see one offered.