Ontario farmers who buy and use Class B or C pesticides on farms must be certified. 

Ontario farmers who mix, load or apply Class B or C pesticides under supervision of a Certified Farmer must be trained.

poster of Pesticde Regulation ChangesJanuary 1, 2021
The classification of pesticides in Ontario changed on January 1, 2021.  Starting on January 1, 2021, farmers need to be certified to buy and use Class B or C pesticides, and trained if working under supervision of a Certified Farmer.  This includes Class 4 pesticides that could previously be used without a person needing to be certified or trained.  

To become a Certified Farmer, you must:

Anyone is welcome to take the course and only those who meet the required age and farmer definition will be issued a certificate. 

To become a Farmer Assistant, you must participate in: 

  • a Grower Pesticide Safety Course, OR
  • a Pesticide Safety for Farmer Assistants training session presented by an On-Farm Instructor.  On-Farm Instructors,  hired outside the farm, set their own training fees.

To become an On-Farm Instructor, you must: