Pesticide Vendors in Other Provinces

Are you a certified pesticide vendor in another province?

You may request vendor certification in Ontario based on your vendor certification from another province.  You must have successfully completed the certification within the past five years in the originating province. 

In order to become certified in Ontario, you need to obtain and review the Pesticide Vendor Certification Course Manual and become knowledgeable about Ontario's legislation and regulations that govern the practice of pesticide vendors in Ontario, referred to as outlet representatives in the legislation.   You can download the Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09 from  

To request vendor certification in Ontario, please submit the following forms to the Ontario Pesticide Education Program:

  • Out of Province Vendor (Outlet Representative) Certification Request 
  • Statement of Knowledge of the Ontario Outlet Representative (Vendor/Dispenser) 
  • Confirmation of the Outlet Respresentative (General Vendor/Dispenser) Certification

We also need a copy of your current licence or certificate from the other province indicating the date your certification will expire, and a copy of the document that states the date you successfully completed the requirements and the grade you achieved.  The expiry date of your certificate issued in Ontario will be the end of the month of your expiry in the originating province.  Please submit this information along with a fee of $25.00.  Please telephone our office, 1-800-652-8573, to pay by VISA or MasterCard.