On-Farm Instructors

Do Farmer Assistants use Class B or C pesticides on your farm?

Farmer Assistants are workers who mix, load or apply Class B or C pesticides under the supervision of a Certified Farmer. Farmer Assistants must be trained if they use Class B or C pesticides.  Certified Farmers are responsible for the pesticide use of Class B or C pesticides by Farmer Assistants. One Certified Farmer may supervise up to 3 Farmer Assistants working with pesticides at any given time. Farmer Assistants can receive training in one of two ways.  They may:

  1. participate in a Grower Pesticide Safety Course (no test required) OR 
  2. particiate in Pesticide Safety for Farmer Assistants training provided by an On-Farm Instructor.

A Certified Farmer may train Farmer Assistants if they completes the On-Farm Instructor Course.  Employers may hire a On-Farm Instructor.  Call 1-800-652-8573 or email us at rcopep@uoguelph.ca for a list of available On-Farm Instructors.   On-Farm Instructors are provided with resources to teach their own employees, or other farmers' employees, how to handle and use pesticide safely.  

Become an On-Farm Instructor.  Take an On-Farm Instructor Course. 

We offer an On-Farm Instructor Course for Certified Farmers who want to become qualified to train Farmer Assistants. When you participate in the On-Farm Instructor Course, you'll learn how to train Farmer Assistants in the best practices of pesticide safety. You will receive a kit of training materials and supplies.  You must have a valid Grower Pesticide Safety Course certificate to participate in this course. An On-Farm Instructor Course qualification is valid for five years.

Choose a On-Farm Instructor Course.  Call us at 1-800-652-8573 or sign up online.


Have a translator available. Present the training in a language that the trainees can understand. Spanish speaking On-Farm Instructors are available for hire to train Farmer Assistants.  Call 1-800-652-8573 or email us at rcopep@uoguelph.ca for a list of available Spanish speaking On-Farm Instructors.   

Use the training materials you received at your On-Farm Instructor Course

  • Workbooks available in English, French, Spanish, Low German or Thai
  • On-Farm Instructor Guide
  • Farmer Assistant training presentations in English, Spanish, Low German
  • Demonstration items of protective clothing and personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls, chemical-resistant gloves, goggles, and an apron.
  • Any items from your farm that will help you teach Farmer Assistants

Complete, sign and send your Record of Safety Training for Assistants form. 

  • After you train a Farmer Assistant, you must complete the Record of Pesticide Safety Training form and send it to the Ontario Pesticide Education Program.  Send the form to us by fax 519-674-1589 or email to rcopep@uoguelph.ca. 
  • For payment, call 1-800-652-8573 to provide your credit card information. 
  • We keep a record that the Farmer Assistant is trained and issue a training card to the Farmer Assistant.

Did you hire the services of another On Farm Instructor to deliver the training for you? If you did, a Certified Farmer from your operation must be present during the training session. The Certified Farmer from your operation must also sign the Record of Pesticide Safety Training form.

Need Supplies?

Get the training materials you need.

An Additional Resource: Pesticide Safety for Farm Workers Manual  

This manual has safety information for farm workers who don't handle or use pesticides, but work on farms that use pesticides.  Workers can learn how to work safely on farms when Certified Farmers or Farmer Assistants are using pesticides. Call us for free copies of this manual, available in Spanish and English.